Friday, 20 August 2010

Poster 1 (Summer Project)

My first poster mock up. The text that's meant to be coming from the fox needs some work, it looks horrendous right now I know! It's meant to look like a film poster...? *EDIT* Just changed it slightly resulting in a second image. The text looks better I think? But does it still imply the fox is saying/thinking it and that my poster isn't just about killing toddlers? Some feedback would be gratefully received.


  1. the INVADE thing reminds me of OBEY, might get kudos for referencing if you think it fits, and OBEY might give you some inspiration to develop further, if you wish.

    Its a nice dark image, and the thin tall font works incely. The information dump at the bottom feels a bit too much, also where is this meant to be contextually? gallery? pamphlet?

  2. Which OBEY thing?

    And the information at the bottom was meant to be to look like the credits on a film poster.

    Contextually I was thinking cinema, tube, billboards. All the places you see actual film posters, so that hopefully people would look thinking it was a film poster then realising?

  3. second works alot better, it's like the tagline of the film but it's still clear it's from the fox.

    i think the bit at the bottom needs a bit of...formatting? like - they tend to be spaced kinda liked that, maybe add in a parental guidence box? 'PG - many animals were harmed in the making of this hysteria' kinda thing?

  4. Thanks for advice. I will give that a go tomorrow!