Monday, 30 November 2009

Print Is Dead

The aim of this uni project was to create a product that puts our illustrations into a new market.

I created computer icons which work on both Mac and Windows for the most widely used applications and folders. I chose to use animals as my theme and tried to link them to each application.

I used cardboard and oil pastel for the animals, and water colour for the backgrounds.

I have also created a website, with the aim of the website being to sell my animal icons as a down-loadable set, and to be able to download backgrounds for these animals to live in. This is just a shell of a website and at the moment the icons and backgrounds aren't downloadable. The colourings can however be printed using your browsers print option and the website can be fully viewed.

View it here:

Here are a few of the animals on bits of background:

And here are the icons working on both mac and windows:

That's all for now. Lino cut and etching growing and folding book of The Ant and the Chrysalis to follow soon.