Monday, 23 August 2010

Fail (Summer Project)

Some more poster ideas. I think these are truly awful.


  1. not awful at all, i like the idea of the middle one but it probably needs something to contextualise (that a word?) the images if you don't have prior knowledge of the stories behind them.

    and the top ones good, it's just gunna be impossible to get them to line up...

  2. Well the top 1 is the only 1 that I vaguely like but it is impossible, I;d have to use a different breed of dog, which wouldn't work so well for the context cos I don't think I'll get much more luck with a staffy! And the middle one needs lining up a bit better too... if I sort the image out then I would add text to make it a poster. might give that a go tomorrow too. I ideally need a fox hunter to replace one of the dog's as well!

    Lots more to get on with tomorrow!