Sunday, 1 May 2011


Book arrived, way quicker then I expected, meaning I could had spent longer on the images, but oh wells. Here's some photos of it, I have also packed a poster with it, and a CD of the song :)

(The photos were taken with my phone, hence the quality, however if you want to see it better quality you should just buy it! :P)

I've also made a cd sized version of it which I will staple bind on tuesday and insert in a cd case

 Also a promotional banner (which is massive, bigger then I'd thought)...

After spending a small fortune on this project for printing stuff and buying a new portfolio as well as having to buy a new printer after the old (old being less then a year so young really) one spat some metal at me and refused to work I think it's finally done! I will now attempt to do a week long mini project on something personal which I have wanted to do for a while, with no context! Naughty I know, but are just some random images so wrong? Or I could just bind the images into a zine like everyone else is ;) Zines do seem to be the 'in' thing right now, which mostly makes me want to do everything I can never to make one.


  1. This all looks amazing! Well done, the book looks great!

  2. So cool! It looks awesome <3

  3. This looks very professional! Good job!xxx