Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Research (Summer Project)

I have been doing lots of research for my uni project lately. I was going to look at the recession and the affect it has on society focusing mainly on jobs and housing, however, then the twins fox 'attack' came into the news and this really annoyed me!

Without knowing much about foxes I knew that a fox wouldn't just decide to go and attack 9 month old twins laying fast asleep in bed and I figured they must have got lost and scared and panicked. The same with the 4 year old in Brighton whom lost his ball in a bush and reached in to get it, obviously startling the fox who would be sleeping during the day, and who could possibly have had young foxes at this time of year which it was protecting!

My research so far has taught me that foxes are normally scared of cats which are slightly smaller then them, and their prey is normally very small, consisting of rat carcasses and rubbish left by humans. They would therefore not be planning on eating the twins! Foxes will also only kill for food, and only kill extra food to bury incase they can't find any the following night, this means they would not purposely attack the children just for the 'fun' of killing. When rescuers etc have caught foxes in the past and the fox has gotten wound up enough to bite, they back off after biting once, making it extremely unlikely that even if it did purposely attack one of the children, it would not then go back and attack the other, but that when they get trapped in a room they panic and run around it, which could indirectly cause the children some harm.

This obviously doesn't make it any more sad for the parents that their children will be scarred for the rest of their lives and could have died, but for people to be in up-roar and wanting to cull them seems extreme!

Dogs in comparison attack large numbers of people every year, yet dogs are 'mans best friend' so with the exception of a few breeds, it is fine to not cull dogs and furthermore continue to breed dogs! (I love dogs too, and I would be mad if it was widely suggested that dogs should be culled too! It's just a comparison!)

Rant over for now. Thanks for reading if you get this far!

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  1. NO! foxes are EVIL, they must be destroyed, we need to set up some sort of commission like Foxes in Urban Communities Keeping Out Fighting Force, i fear if this isn't set up soon we will be replaced as the dominant species in the country.

    Foxes - they're out to get us. (the commission should put that on the posters).