Thursday, 11 March 2010

Final Final Ideas (D&AD)

I think?


  1. I like these, I dunno if you are planning to work back in to them some more? I hate to say it but I am unsure of what the people on tono bungay are doing, and the same for the fish on Kipps? It is likely a visual pun which I am missing...

    chasing the butterfly makes sense, thats a nice cover overall, and I think the image progressing on to the back of the cover looks muchhh better

  2. The man on Tono-Bungay is falling off a financial pyramid. The ones on the back are succeeding financially and are just sitting having a chill...

    The salmon on Kipps are leaping up a pyramid of social ettiquette, ie cutlery order

    And the fists on Anne Veronica represent the fists of freedom, the butterfly is Anne Veronica flying free from the sexism...